What is "Cash Out"?

For placed single and multi bets, VistaBet.gr can offer the option of an "Cash Out": although the outcome of a bet is not determined yet, winnings can already be collected. The amount that can be received is based on the actual odds.

Using the "Cash Out", you can:

  • Pay out single and multi bets before they are settled
  • Secure any winnings or reduce your risk

  • Take full control over your game


You place a EUR 10 live bet on the Spanish national team to win against Italy at odds of 2.40.

Scenario 1: after 30 minutes, Spain scores a goal and takes the lead (1:0). Since this increases the likeliness of your bet being won, we offer Cash Out of EUR 18. You have the option to either take a sure EUR 18 or wait until the end of the game, hoping Spain will still be in the lead then.

Scenario 2: after 30 minutes, Italy scores a goal and takes the lead (0:1). Since it seems more likely now that your bet will be lost, we offer an Cash Out of EUR 6. You can now take EUR 6 to make sure that not all your stake is lost or hope that the run of play will change.

The Cash Out option is displayed in the "My bets" section of the bet slip.

VistaBet.gr does not guarantee to offer "Cash Out" option at any time and for all games. After clicking the "Cash Out" button, the system checks the availability of the respective bet. If the bet is frozen or already closed or the respective odds have changed, the ‘Cash Out’ can be rejected.