Bet finder

To quickly search for a specific team, league or player (e.g. tennis player), you can use the embedded search function. The dedicated search page can be accessed via the main sports navigation bar (by scrolling all the way to the right) and by tapping on the search icon . Once the page appears,

  • type  the text you would like to search for into the search field (e.g. Arsen or Primer)
  • the closest matches will appear under the search field as you type
  • tap on the team or name to start the search immediately or on arrow to add the text in the search field to minimize the returned results

The search functionality will return a list with all matched events, sorted by time.

To exit from the search functionality, tap cancel. The page will slide out from the right side of your device. 

Please note that the full view page of the event (scoreboard and all markets) can be accessed by simply tapping on the event area.