Confirmation pages

The confirmation pages are pages that appear after you have tapped the “Place bet” button. If your bet has been accepted, you will be redirected to a successful confirmation page.  Each bet type (Single, Multi and System) has a dedicated confirmation page with the same structure.

Over these pages, you will be able to view your summary of the submitted bet (stake, potential winnings, etc.) as well as the full bet slip by tapping the  icon. In addition, a set of quicklinks are offered for you to directly access different betting content after you have concluded your bet.

The placed bets can be deleted from the bet slip by checking the box, , next to “Delete placed bets from bet slip”.

If a bet has been rejected, you will receive a message and a full explanation on the reason behind the rejection. By tapping on the “Return to betslip” button at the bottom of the confirmation page, you will have the option to perform the appropriate corrections before resubmitting the bet.