Taxation on Sports Betting in Greece

Bets placed by customers with Greek residence are placed in columns of €0.10 each (e.g. a total stake of €2.50 would form 25 columns of €0.10 each). The bets are subject to a withholding tax:

  • 0% tax for a winning column up to and including €100
  • 15% tax for a winning column between €100.01 and €500
  • 20% tax for a winning column over €500.01

The tax deduction is applied progressively - that means for the first €100, there will be no tax deduction, for the amount between €100.01 and €500 15% will be deducted and 20% for any amount above €500.01 per column. Example: a winning column of €1 at odds of 150 with gross winnings of €151 would be subject to a tax deduction of €7,50 (15% of €50, the stake is not considered for taxation).