• As with other popular casino games, there are now multiple variations of dice games available


  • We offer a three-dice SicBo game, played using a live dealer and standard SicBo rules.

Betting flow:

  • If a game round is in progress when you enter the table, please wait for the next one, and then, place your bets.
  • To place a bet, choose a chip and place it on the betting position.
  • You can place several chips on different betting positions simultaneously.
  • The timer in the game window shows how much time you have left to place your bets.
  • You must confirm your bet. This can be done either manually, by using the Confirm button after each bet, or automatically at the end of betting time. If your service provider has enabled auto-confirmation, it is on by default and the Confirm button does not appear. You can switch the feature off in game settings.
  • After the No More Bets signal, the game round begins.
  • Winnings are paid for the winning bets at the end of each game round.
  • To play a game round, place your bets again or use the Rebet button.
  • To skip a turn, simply do not place any bets on the table.

Game flow:

  • You make a bet on certain kind of dice roll result.
  • Dice are rolled, and the result of the roll is displayed in game window.
  • If the result matches your bet, you win; if not, you lose your bet.

Limit ranges:

  • The limit ranges displayed next to the table name in the Lobby and on the game table UI correspond to Number bet limits.


Small/Big Bet:

  • Small Bet wins if the total sum of the three dice between 4 and 10.
  • Big Bet wins if the total is between 11 and 17.
  • Neither Small Bet nor Big Bet win if the three dice are of the same number (Three of a Kind).
  • Appropriate bet positions are marked as “Small” and “Big”.

Number Bet

  • You bet that a specific number (1-6) appears on as many dice (max 3) as possible.
  • Appropriate bet positions are marked as “One”, “Two”, “Three”, etc.

Pair Bet

  • You bet on any of the 15 possible two dice combinations (for example “3 and 4”, “2 and 5”, or “2 and 6”).
  • Appropriate bet positions are marked as “1 and 2“, “1 and 3”, “1 and 4”, etc.

Double Bet

  • You bet that the result is a specific pair (for example, two 3’s).
  • Appropriate bet positions are marked as “Double One”, “Double Two”, “Double Three”, etc.

Triple Bet

  • You bet that the result is a specific triplet (for example, three 2’s).
  • Appropriate bet positions are marked as “Triple One”, “Triple Two”, “Triple Three”, etc.

Any Triple

  • You bet that the result number on all three dice is the same (any Three of a Kind).
  • Appropriate bet position is marked as “Any Triple”.

Total Bet

  • You bet that the total sum of the three dice is a certain amount, possible totals range from 4 to 17.
  • Note : although the result of the three dice could be 3 and 18, these sums are excluded.
  • Appropriate bet positions are marked as “4”, “5”, “6”, etc.

Return to Player and payout table as displayed and accessible from within the game

Live video feeds: Due to the nature of the Internet, video latency may occur. The game has been designed to ensure that players do not have advantage nor are in disadvantage due to the potential latency.

Note on malfunctions: A malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Note on rounding: Bets are always rounded down from the third decimal point. When you are refunded, and the money is transferred to your account balance, any amount smaller than 0.01 is rounded down.

Note on unresolved actions: Unpaid actions are canceled after 90 days.

Note on disconnections: If you are disconnected from the game due to a connection problem, your bets are recorded and paid out according to the results of the round. You can view the results of the round in the game history.

For further information on the specific rules of each games, please see the information available within each game.

Last modification date: 8/4/2021