What is the session duration limit?

With this feature, you can limit the number of hours you spend playing in your account per day / week / month.

When you opt-in for the daily session duration limit, you will be asked to select a value between 1 and 24 hours, which is the maximum time in a day you will be allowed to engage in game play. 168 hours is the maximum allowed time per week. 744 hours is the maximum allowed time per month to account for months with 31 days; if the respective month has less days, the maximum allowed hours would be automatically adjusted if you have selected more hours than the respective month has)

The system starts the counter each time you log in (even if you’re not in an active real money gaming session) and stops when you log out.

Regardless of the limits you have selected for your account, no single session can be longer than 24 hours rolling. Once this automated limit is reached, you would be logged out. In such a case, the limits you have selected will determine when you can log back in.