Winnings tax on Casino and Poker betting in Greece

Bets placed in Casino and Poker sections by customers with Greek residence are calculated in session. A session can be considered as the period between log in and log out.

The bets are subject to a withholding tax:

  • 0% tax for a winning session up to and including €100
  • 15% tax for a winning session between €100.01 and €500
  • 20% tax for a winning session over €500.01

The tax deduction is applied progressively to net profits - that means for the first €100, there will be no tax deduction, for the amount between €100.01 and €500 15% will be deducted and 20% for any amount above €500.01 per winning section. Example: a winning session with a net profit of €150 would be subject to a tax deduction of €7,50 (15% of €50).

The amount of taxes deducted from your Casino and Poker’s net profits are displayed in the “Tax withheld” wallet on your account under “My Account / My Balance”. You won’t be able to withdraw this amount as it can only be used for wagering in one of our available games.

Please note that the remaining balance under “Tax withheld” will be collected once you log out at the end of the session.

You can keep track of the tax deduction from your net winnings by going into “My Account / My Transactions”.