Visa Fast Funds


Q: What is Visa ‘Fast Funds’ Pay-outs?

A: The Visa ‘Fast Funds’ service provides a much faster receipt of funds meaning you will get your winnings in your bank account in the quickest time possible.

Q: How do I use Visa Fast Funds?

A: When making a Visa withdrawal request you will know if you’re eligible for this service if you spot the Visa Fast Funds stopwatch logo and signposting like the example below….


Q: Am I eligible for Visa Fast Funds?

A: If you have a compatible Visa Debit or PrePaidCard which is issued by any of the major Greek banks below then the ‘Faster Funds’ service should be enabled for you.

If you’re still unsure if your bank card is eligible or not, then please keep an eye out for the stopwatch logo as mentioned above.

Q: How long will my withdrawal take to process?

A: It typically takes a couple of hours to check and approve payouts before we process. Once a withdrawal request has been made it will typically take up to 4 hours to reach your bank account.

Q: Why hasn’t my withdrawal arrived into my bank within 4 hours?

  • Some pay-outs may require further internal checks to be carried out so in these cases this may extend the processing time past the 4hrs.
  • Is your pay-out over 2000 EUR? Any payout over this amount is liable for further manual checks and will likely not meet the 4-hour SLA.
  • Have you changed your transaction currency? If your payout transaction currency is not the same currency as your issued card, then this will also mean the funds will not be sent quickly.

Q: Can I make a withdrawal request at any time in the day?

A: Yes, you can use Visa Fast Funds at any time of the day. Faster Fund pay-outs get processed 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. This means you will also receive your funds into your bank account over the weekend.

Q: Can I still reverse my withdrawals if I want?

A: Yes, if you process a payout via the Faster funds service you will still have a 2hr window to reverse your pay-out should you choose to.

Q: Will you be adding other bank card users to Visa Fast Funds?

A: Not all issuing banks are currently ready to process pay-outs via the Faster Funds service. More banks are making this service available for their customers so please keep an eye out for the stopwatch logo.